Miniature knitting & Aloo Kale Patties

After buying Kale from Walmart, i should say i was obsessed with greens this week.I wanted to try this Aloo Kale from Tasty Palettes , so i had kept aside few twigs of Kale while preparing Keera Molagootal. Aloo Kale was tasting so wonderful and i didn’t want to dispose the left overs. Suddenly i was wondering why not mash these and make into patties for evening snack.So lemme take you through this easy recipe of aloo kale patties.

You may follow the recipe from Tasty Palettes to prepare Aloo Kale(It was certainly yumm..) or you may try your own version.After preparing Aloo kale mash them finely without any lumps.Do not add any spice at this stage.

Make a thin batter out of 1 tsp of corn flour and 1 tsp of all purpose flour.Take fresh bread crumbs in a plate.

Make small cute patties out of mashed aloo kale, dip them in the batter and cover them with bread crumbs.

Finally toast them in a non-stick pan with very little oil.Crispy, yummy aloo kale patties ready.Serve these with tomato ketchup and lots of love. 🙂

A Wonderful evening snack to go with our health drink.I shall give you the recipe of this health drink(Raagi drink) in the next post.

As per my previous post, i had successfully completed one of the project with miniature knitting.

I did this miniature knitting with the small bundle of yarn i got from home.As I had run out of yarn i have made this jumper, a half sleeved one.  😉

For pattern check this link.


Kale keerai Molagootal

It had long time since i have posted anything on this blog…almost four months now…

My trip to India this time had been very interesting.Learned several useful stuffs & visited many interesting places.Also learned few interesting stuffs about people too.

“Read people , they are the living poem” – I remember reading this somewhere.

Back to my regular routine. It was snowing whole of this week and DH was shoveling.Today it is sunny and we have something yummy to go along with it. 🙂

Since the day i got back from India, i was missing all those varieties of greens that i had there.I wanted to introduce some more green to our regular diet.I don’t know much about the greens sold here and had mostly used only spinach in my cooking. I got some flowering kale from Walmart this week. Kale is considered as a highly nutritious rich in anti-oxidant properties.It is also rich in vitamin C , vitamin K and calcium.

when i came across Ammupatti’s Keera Molagootal, i was totally impressed and wanted to use Kale in that recipe.One specific thing i should appreciate about this dish is that it is totally satvik. The dish turned out very impressive and DH did like it too.He liked it so much that he didn’t prefer to eat any other dish today. I tempered this dish with ghee to add some richness, otherwise followed the same recipe.


Timepass items for this week:

Books – Autobiography of a Yogi (Tamil)  & The Story of My Experiments with Truth (Sathiya sothanai).

Miniature knitting – 1/12th scale child’s jumper