Soraikkai Paruppu Rice

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இரு தேவதைகளின் வரவினால் எங்கள் வீடும் ஆனதே சொர்க்கம்!!

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Having two kids at home, you hardly find time to cook full meals. So this kind of quick nutritious dishes are very helpful. Try it out and lemme know. Sorry couldn’t get a photo for this recipe, will update soon.


Rice – 1 cup
Toor dhal – 1/4 cup
Bottle guard/ Soraikkai – Small (chop into big cubes)
Jeera – 1 tsp
Pepper – 1 tsp
Garlic – 4-5 pods
Ginger – 1 inch piece
Shallots – 4-5
Red chilies – 2-3
Onion – 1 big (finely chopped)
Tomato – 1 big (finely chopped)
Coconut – grated 1/2 cup
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Salt to taste

1. Grind to coarse powder the following items: jeera, pepper, garlic, ginger,red chilies and shallots.
2. Grind the grated coconut to fine paste.
3.Take a pressure pan/cooker, add 2 tsp of oil, add mustard seeds, curry leaves.
4. Add onion and saute till golden brown. Next add the coarsely ground powder. Add salt.
5. Next add chopped tomato. Once the tomatoes are crushed add the cubed bottle guard.
6. Add required amount of water and ground coconut paste.
7. Pressure cook to 2-3 whistles till done.

Enjoy the delicious dish.


Mint Chutney


Mint leaves – 10 -15 leaves
Coconut (grated or dessicated) – 1 cup
Urid dal  – 2 tbs
Channa dal – 1 tbs
Green chilies – 2-3
Tamarind – small nutmeg size ball

Mint Chutney


1) Take a pan with a tablespoon of oil.Roast urid dal and channa dal till you get the nice flavour.

2) Turn off the heat and add coconut, mint leaves, green chilies and tamarind.Fry these items with pan’s heat.

3) Grind the above all with required amout of water.Add salt.

Mint chutney is ready.This goes well with rice , dosa and idli.

Sambar – Version 1 – For rice


Toor Dal – 1/2 cup
Tomato – 1
Onion – 1 medium size
Drumstick – 4 pieces or any vegetable of your choice
Sambar powder – 2 tbs
Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
Tamarind extract  from 1 lime size ball
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Red chilies



1) Pressure cook toor dal with 1.5 cups of water and turmeric powder. (2 whistles will do). Keep this aside.You may extract cooked dal water for rasam.

2) In a pan or pressure cooker , add chopped onion (do not finely chop the onion) ,chopped tomato, drumstick , tamarind juice and sambar powder. Cook till the drumsticks are well done. Pressure cooking will speed up the process (single whistle will do).

3) Now add dal to the cooking ingredients.

4) For tempering, add mixture of clarified butter (ghee) and oil to a heated pan. Add mustard seeds and wait till they splutter.Next add curry leaves and red chilies. Add this to sambar. Health conscious people can avoid ghee.

Yummy sambar is ready!!