These beautiful red tulips are this year’s gift from our backyard. Murukku had been one of my favorite snacks right from my childhood. Amma always used to keep the containers full when we come back from school. Though many know the recipe I just wanted to keep this post to give mom’s touch to this blog and for memory. Hope you too enjoy this.


Idli rice – 4 cups (soak for 5 hrs)
Roasted chick peas – 1+ 3/4 cups (pottukadalai – grind to fine powder)
Red chilies – 8
Butter – 2-3 tbs
Sesame seeds – 1 tbs (You can use black or white, your choice)
Ajwain seeds – 1 tsp (Omam)


1) Grind one cup soaked rice with red chilies to fine paste.Once the red chilies are finely ground ,add the remaining rice. Grind using less water. (Batter should be thicker than dosa batter)

2) Bring butter to room temperature. Grind roasted chick peas and sieve the powder.

3) Mix rice batter, roasted chick peas powder, sesame seeds, ajwain seeds and butter.

4) Heat oil for deep frying in a shallow pan.

5) Take small amounts of batter in the murukku pidi and squeeze onto a plate or spatula and drop in the oil.

6) Fry murukku in oil and drain the oil.

7) After murukku cools, store in a container.

Tasty snack ready. Enjoy!!


6 comments on “Murukku

  1. divya says:

    Yummy yummy!! am a fan too!!

  2. romila says:

    hey dhivya..looks yummy..enjoying amma’s snacks…:)
    btw how did u get rice batter in the consistency shown
    in picture…u used grinder/mixie ….

    • Dhivyaa says:

      Romi….use grinder to make the rice batter…don’t add too much water…then make it to the consistency shown in picture by adding pottu kadalai powder.

  3. romila says:

    One more doubt pa…in ingredients u mention 4 cups of rice..but in method you put grind 1 cup rice with red chillie..which is correct…Riya likes murukku a lot that is why so many doubts 🙂

    • Dhivyaa says:

      first use one cup soaked rice just to grind the red chilies to fine paste, then once the red chilies are ground add the remaining rice. Doubt yellaam resolve aayuducha 😉 BTW when are you going to send me some murukku?

  4. Kavitha says:

    great Dhivs… i googled paasi paruppu sambar and hit your website

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