Two good things….

In this post, i want to convey about two good things , one is obviously our recipe which is a healthy dinner that we had started recently in our regular diet and the other one is about the good deed that DH and myself did this week.

Three days back when , DH was about to leave after lunch we found a robin nestling under the front yard tree.We were not able to locate the nest initially and didn’t know what to do with that poor thing.Though I took it inside , I totally had no clue on what to feed and how to care for it.In the evening we luckily found the cozy nest and DH put it back along with it’s sibling.I felt so happy after leaving it back to the nest.

But that day i happened to know few interesting facts about such orphaned birds which i thought is worth sharing.

i) If you find a nestling/fledgling put it back to the nest as you will not be able to take care of it.Nestling needs to be fed every 15-20 mins during the day.You can’t teach them to fly too.( Yeah, true 🙂 ). Also you don’t know what to feed them.(Though you might be able to find out what bird it is).

ii)Do not feed a nestling with water.They get their water from the food they eat.If you try to feed the water forcefully water might get into their lungs.Even for a fledgling keep the water near their mouth if they are thirsty they will drink it.

iii) Identify whether the young one you had found is a nestling or fledgling.Nestling will be ‘pinky’ and will not have much feathers.When you put your finger near the beak it doesn’t know to cling to it. But where  as a fledgling has feathers but doesn’t know to fly.

iv) Try to locate the nest and put it back.It is not true that the mother will abandon the young one after touched by human.Once you have put the young one in the nest , leave the place immediately.Don’t try to check on it often as the mother bird will try to take care of the young ones and will not approach the nest when you are around.

v) If you are not able to locate the nest, put the young one in a berry basket with a tissue and hang it on the tree.The parents will take care of the little one.If you are worried about the cats and dogs around the house, hand it over to the near by wild bird care center.

The recipe’s name is ” Tuna guacamole bruschetta”


Sour dough bread or baguette or any french bread – cut into thin slices

For Guacamole:

avocado – 1  ripe
onion – finely chopped, one handful
tomato – finely chopped , one handful
green chilies – 1 or 2 , finely chopped
cilantro – finely chopped , little
lime juice – 1 tbs

For tuna:
Albacore tuna/ Sardines – 2 cans
Freshly ground pepper – 1 tsp
lime juice


1) Place all the thinly sliced bread on the baking sheet.Brush olive oil on both the sides.Broil in oven till both it turns crispy golden brown, turn to the other side and repeat the same process.

2) Mix all the ingredients under guacamole and keep this aside.(You may add or remove any ingredients in this list to adjust your taste buds)

3) Mix tuna,ground pepper, salt and lime juice and keep this aside.(Leave the tuna chunky)

4) Once the bread slices are ready, take them out and let them cool for few seconds. Top the bread slices with guacamole and then with tuna chunks.Do this step only before eating as the guacamole would turn the bread soggy.

Major ingredients in this dish are avocado and fish, which are of course healthy and little amount of olive oil is innocuous.Hope you all like this recipe and do let me know once you try this.


3 comments on “Two good things….

  1. Kavitha says:

    What bread did you use here and the canned fish brand. Is canned tuna good for health? I started to read your blog all along after long time

    • Dhivyaa says:

      Kavi…Try Marketside Multigrain loaf from Walmart…it has kind-a grainy texture…i just love it…and for fish you can try Albacore Tuna…we buy Starkist or Chicken of the seas…We don’t consume too much canned fish…so once in a while i think itz ok.

  2. Kavitha says:

    i tried yday the bread and tuna(canned) from whole foods. It was good with avacado. Sorry, saw your post only today.

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