Goat cheese Bruschetta

Since the day i got some goat cheese from Jungle Jims i was curious to try more and more varieties of Bruschetta. The day before i tried some sun-dried tomato and goat cheese Bruschetta , but failed to get photos of those, but i’ve one for  today’s snack.Will give you the recipes for both the bruschetta.

Sundried tomato: (This will take 3-4 days to prepare and can be stored for later use)

Chop the tomatoes into big chunks, mix with salt and red chili powder (or any other seasoning of your choice).

Dry them under sun till you find it dry and chewy. You may use conventional oven to dry them out during winter.

If you are using oven, set the oven at the lowest temperature available and let them there till they get dry and chewy.This may take several hours(8-10 hrs or more).

Goat cheese & sundried tomato bruschetta:

Slice the baguette diagonally of 1/2 inch thickness.

Brush the slices with olive oil on both the sides. Put inside the oven of 350 F for few minutes, turn and leave till they get crispy on the other side.

Top these slices with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese.

Wonderful evening snack is ready.

And today’s snack is goat cheese pesto bruschetta.

Goat cheese pesto Bruschetta


Grind cilantro(1/2 cup), cashew (or almond – 1/4 cup) , mint (5-10 leaves),lemon juice ( 1tbs), salt and freshly ground pepper (1 tsp) with Olive oil ( 4-5 tbs). If you like spicy pesto you may add a green chili.Don’t add water while grinding,  use only oil.

Goat cheese pesto bruschetta:

Just add 3 tbs of goat cheese to the pesto sauce and give few pulse in the food processor.

Slice the baguette diagonally (upto 1/2 inch thickness) , brush them with olive oil and toast in oven at 350 F till they get crispy on both the sides.

Top the slices with the pesto & goat cheese mixture.

Another tasty snack is ready.


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