Bajji – Using Asiatic Dayflower leaves

Asiatic Dayflower is a weed , that can be seen in your garden.It is edible. We had moved to this new house and when i found this weed in the garden i remembered my grandpa. One day he got this weed from farm and asked us to make bajji out of the leaves.I was surprised and adding to my surprise it was tasting different.Though the leaf doesn’t have any taste of its own, it was crunchy. Select tender leaves when you make Bajji.

Asiatic Dayflower leaf

I used readymade bajji mix this time.Just mix water and make it into a thick batter.Dip these leaves and fry in oil.Ever imagined bajji out of a weed?!?!



2 comments on “Bajji – Using Asiatic Dayflower leaves

  1. Whew !!!!! thats wild.. btw, did you get any horns after eating this ? 😉

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