Seaweed & Sushi for this Sunday

Please don’t get carried away looking at this title… i didn’t cook seaweed and sushi this sunday, we went to a Japanese restaurant to have ’em. Unfortunately i haven’t yet mastered the skill of making sushi. 😉

When i went to a Japanese restaurant for the first time, i never had any idea of what a sushi or a sashimi was. After coming out of the restaurant i realized i didn’t have much taste for the pink ginger, soy sauce or wasabi.Though reluctant about eating raw fish , i did try again when i was in Miami. You know what…I really started liking sushi. The thought of Japanese people’s creativity in food did impress me a lot. Those beautiful concentric circles of sticky rice , nori and fish, come on ,who can deny their beauty.


This weekend we selected a Japanese restaurant based on the reviews from Google & Yahoo. Kabuto certainly turned out to be the one of the best. I am fond of sushi esp those rolled with fish eggs on the outside. Not a great fan a sashimi yet!! We also ordered a seaweed salad.The seaweed salad with sesame seeds looked slimy , but actually was crunchy & yummy !!


Hope you enjoyed few shots of Japanese cuisine, now tell me which country’s cuisine do you think had impressed you a lot.


2 comments on “Seaweed & Sushi for this Sunday

  1. Sushi doesn’t always mean it has fish in it. There are sushi’s without fish too. French cusine has always been an interesting ones, now being a eggaterian i don’t have much choices 😦

    • ddhivyaa says:

      Yeah, i came to know about that after my first visit…but do u think i can eat avocado & cucumber inside a seaweed…Were frog legs your favorite? lol

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