Mor kuzhambu – Buttermilk Curry

This one is a awesome dish…my all time favorite..


Yogurt or Butter Milk (Should not be sour) – 1 cup
Onion – 1 medium size/Shallot – 7-10
Vegetable (optional) – Chayote or Drumstick or Ash Pumpkin or Bottle gourd
Coconut – grated or dessicated – 1 cup
Green chilies – 4-5
Pepper corn – 5-6
Jeera – 2 tbs ( 1 tbs for grinding and 1 tbs for tempering)
Rice – 1 tbs
Toor Dal – 1 tbs
Chana Dal – 1 tbs
Red chilies – 2-3
Fenugreek seeds
Curry leaves
Mustard Seeds

Mor Kulambu


1) Soak rice , toor dal and chana dal for 10 minutes.

2) Grind the above  soaked items along with coconut, green chilies, jeera and pepper corn.

3) In a pan, heat the oil and add mustard seeds, jeera, curry leaves, red chilies, fenugreek seeds and onion.

4)  Saute till the onion gets translucent, add the vegetables and the coconut ground paste.

5) Add salt and cook the vegetables in this paste till they are well done.

6) In the end, add yogurt or buttermilk.Let it simmer for few minutes.Turn off the heat and garnish with cilantro leaves.

This curry is good when served with papad/appalam/vadagam. Enjoy!!


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