Beet Leaves Dish – Beet Greens Poriyal

Beet leaves Poriyal


Beet leaves – from 3 beets
Onion – Medium
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
Red chilies – 2
Sambar powder – 1 tsp
Grated fresh coconut or Coconut powder


1) Finely chop the beet leaves and onion.

2) In a pan , heat the oil and add cumin seeds.Saute red chilies and onion.

3) Once the onion becomes golden brown add the chopped beet leaves.

4) Add the required amount of salt.

5) When done add sambar powder and coconut powder. Turn off the heat after few minutes.

Beet leaves poriyal is done.

Beet leaves appear to have more nutrients than beets.In places like US, UK where greens are scarce when compared to India, this dish gives us an option to enjoy the deliciousness of  greens.


One comment on “Beet Leaves Dish – Beet Greens Poriyal

  1. Sumitha says:

    Hi Dhivyaa,
    I have prepared Beetroot leaves poriyal.. It came out very well… You can also try the Beetroot stem/leaves chutney recipe(…
    Keep posting new recipes…
    Sumitha S.

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